"We are trained investigators, advisors and guardians. We will protect your company and its employees throughout the world."

VIP Security and Protection:

* Discrete Security and protection for VIP's

* Armed and unarmed protection

* International capabilities

* Itinerary assessment

* Vehicle or vessel coverage

Security and Intelligence Analysis:

* Identify strengths and weaknesses of physical premises

* Identify strengths and weaknesses in information management and related


* Evaluate vulnerability to security breaches

* Identify exposures to cyber attack/hacking

* Recommend measures to improve resistance to identified weaknesses

ICI’s security analysis have the necessary Skills to identify loopholes and develop effective solutions:

* Experienced in Maritime Safety and Security: See Maritime Page
* Experienced in corporate security
                                                                                                                                   * Experienced in retail and inventory control
* Experienced in analysis of information technology and cyber security
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

ICI’s security and intelligence analysis specialize in physical security and have experience in law enforcement, corporate security and forensic auditing:

* Personnel security and vetting employees
* Security of physical premises
* Providing personal protection for personnel and executives
* Risk management
* Information Technology and cyber security

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