Worldwide investigations Specializing in:

     * Due-diligence
     * Civil, criminal, pre-employment
     * Financial history, source of funds for investment
     * Education history
     * Individuals, companies and their directors
     * Maritime Security and Accident investigations

* Global watch, Interpol, FBI, and international blacklist.
* ICI maintains an international presence with associate offices in major cities
* Complete reports on a timely basis at competitive prices.

ICI operatives are experts in the sale, trading, accounting, valuation and transaction processing of complex financial instruments including: CMOs, IOs, POs, inverse floaters, Z-bonds, stocks, bonds, currencies, futures, options, swaps and other derivative instruments. ICI operatives have assisted in all aspects of the litigation process including motion practice, discovery request, document review, deposition and court appearances. See Investigative Services Link

ICI will consult with you on all international matters, provide up to date intelligence and investigative assistance, provide expert witness testimony and asset recovery.

ICI staff has investigated a variety of security law violations including misrepresentations, excessive markups, churning and valuation fraud.

Associates worldwide provide ICI with the latest information on activities within the international community. ICI provides confidential guidance and assistance in dealing with fraudulent transactions.


     Member - Council of                                                            Sate Of Florida                                                         World Association of  International Investigators                                                   License # A1300223                                              Professional Investigators